X. Happiness Is An Inside Job!


Like the voice over for the whiskey ad states: ďItís not whatís under the tree but itís whoís around it that counts;Ē So if we are fortunate enough to decorate a tree this year who have we invited to take leave from the elements and or the complexities of their lives for the serenity and shelter of our homes during this brief winter reprieve? Will we make them feel welcome and encourage them no matter what? We are not in the business of subsidizing failure; but we know from experience that an affirmation or two can go a long way in breaking any vicious downward cycle of life and dependency, If you donít believe us then just ask Santa; and if you donít believe in him then remember that itís never to late to have a happy childhood which as a form of re-parenting ourselves I would recommend donning a Santa Suit of your own and allowing the mystery of life to unfold before your very eyes.


Our daily decision may be found in the simplicity of turning of our will and my life over to the care of God as we understand him. Remember happiness is an inside job so Ladies this Christmas Santa suggests: ďwhy not give the non reconstructive injections, implants and facial mutilations a rest. How about some God inspired serenity instead; is that on your list? Merry Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!Ē



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