A Christmas Story

In the year of our Lord 2008

This is the story of a grandmother and her special relationship with her grandson.

Once upon a time in America there was a young man who fell into a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse. The cycle continued until he was homeless and no one in his family would speak with him or render any assistance save his grandmother. One Christmas Eve he knocked on her door and asked if he could stay. Over the objections of the entire family the Grandmother said yes. They settled in for the evening but that night the demons of his addiction called with a vengeance. He waited until everyone was asleep and then removed all of the presents from under the tree and departed into the  winter night.

Some time later he was making his way to the town dump looking for a place to escape the cold night. He spied a large refrigerator box. He crept in but as he was bedding down he heard a voice from the other end saying “Hey this is my place”. He realized that he “hit bottom” when he couldn’t even claim some cardboard in a mountain of trash as his own. He again approached his grandmother’s home and when she answered the door he started to cry and begged her forgiveness for ruining their Christmas. She invited him in and told him that the greatest Christmas present any of them could ever have was for him to come  home. He did and was later ordained as a Catholic Priest.

Originally Recited in homily by:

Rev. Thomas Gallenbach

St. Joseph Husband of Mary

Roman Catholic Church

Las Vegas, Nevada



Suggestions for Christmas on a Budget!

Three Christmas Gifts that keep on giving...


Christmas Gift Idea #1

This Christmas why not put the plug in the jug and experience life the way God intended and if you don’t believe in God that’s okay too. You can still experience life beyond your wildest dreams!



Christmas Gift Idea #2

Save the Life of Someone you will never meet!

This Christmas Donate more than your time donate your Blood!

Blood Donors give of themselves so others may live!



Christmas Gift Idea #3

Make a Donation to our favorite charity

St. Therese Center providing assistance to those

In our community affected and effected with




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